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Silvino González Morales
My design studio 8Piisani Design Studio
Bogotá, Cundinamarca, 01026 Colombia
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About me:

I'm a colombian visual artist and designer my work is focused in find artistic pathways to melt traditional cultural roots with a global worldwide vision. Right now my goal is to experiment with mixtures between classical (analogic) and digital techniques of representation, capture and print of images; trying to find a personal way to express my vision and feelings about a lot of topics.

My main theme is the city it: landscape, it struggles, it stigmas, it inhabitants, it outsiders. the city as an extension of the humans and its relationships are an extension in direct relationship with the city. I live in a city which is a mixture of so many elements and factors, a destination for thousands of people running from 40years of warfare, a place to live, learn, dream and suffer. A city destroyed and rebuild, full of people giving the best to build and rebuild their own dreams and lives. But above all of it a city full of hope and hard work.

I try to reflect in my work my concerns about my role like a man and an artist in a process between traditions and preconceptions and more post modern perceptions about my self, my sexuality, my place and my future.

Between traditions, rituals, history and a little dose of nihilism and a hedonistic search I try to find equilibrium. I'm a bipolar person, my work is a catharsis, and a declaration of pride about my condition; my art pieces try to talk about my country, our wars, our pain, our dreams, our cultural melting pot and our never ending search of meaning.

The other ever present theme in my work is the concept of role as a cultural creation which have little relationship with the human beings and it's the fruit of powers in some specifict space and time.

I don't believe I create photographs, instead I think I build images using photography medium and techniques as a part of the process of give material sense to concepts and ideas. I deeply admire to the artists who are able to capture meaningful instants and freese it in time, as a watcher I enjoy it so much. But as a creator, I see myself more like an artisan, like a designer who play with ideas, thoughts, cultural values and presures; who try to balance tensions, tones, shapes in the pursuit of visual pieces that are maybe photographic in it's deep nature but that are beyond the act of capture alone.


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Work in exposition in the Filter Photo Festival - Mapping: borders, bodies, memories, Chicago. 2013c
Work in exposition in Light Sensitive, Arizona. 2014c
Finalist in the 6th Pollux Awardsc
Participating in Telephone, multimedia project by Satellitec

Photography included in MadAtoms c
Photography in Tomate de Árbol #1 c
Photographies in Creattica cc c
Reseña en FolioHunt c
Reviews in Colectivo Bicicleta c c
Photography chosen like one of the best of the year by Colectivo Bicicletac
Review in Freaks Online c
Lumen prints:Pomona published in Designers couch c
Photography included in 1 exposure c
Tutorial included in 1 exposure c
Interview for Bariloche Expone c
Bipolar featured in The Creators Project Galleryc
Works included in the book: Anthotypes – Explore the darkroom in your garden and make photographs using plants por Malin Fabri c
Review in Seven by Five c
Review in GetInspired c
Honorable mention in Grand Prix de la Photographie 2012: Altered Images c
Photographs included in Photomagazine 54: Latin american issue c
Photograph from the series Through the looking glass winner of High commendation in Photographic's angle competition: Not As It Seemsc
Photographs included in Lenscratch 2013 cellphone compilation c
PPhotographs included in Photomagazine 59: True / False c
Honorable mention in the Grand Prix de la Photographie 2013, Professional category c
Photograph (saltprint) included in the Fotosalon Varna 2013 c
Photograph has been chosen for the juried exhibition LOOKING BACK: THE ART OF NOSTALGIA at PhotoPlace Gallery in Middlebury, Vermont c
Photograph in exhibition Light Sensitive 2014 – Celebrating Images from the Darkroom c
Finalist in the 6th Pollux Awards c

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